One for Marian: Celebrating Marian McPartland


Celebrating the compositions of Marian McPartland.

Piano legend Marian McPartland was eulogized in 2013 as a supremely elegant and accomplished jazz stylist who gracefully conversed and collaborated with a vast array of fellow improvisers from her perch as a beloved public radio host. But her creative output as a composer tends to be overlooked, a situation that should be rectified by Roberta Piket’s brilliantly realized One for Marian: Celebrating Marian McPartland. Produced for Thirteenth Note Records by jazz veteran Todd Barkan, it’s a revelatory sextet project that shines a warm, loving light on an extraordinary but under-appreciated body of work.

“Marian always felt regretful that her tunes weren’t played more,” Piket says. “She felt a little unrecognized in that regard. It’s kind of mysterious why some tunes don’t become standards. She wrote so many great tunes.”

Roberta Piket piano
Steve Wilson alto saxophone and flute
Virginia Mayhew tenor saxophone and clarinet
Bill Mobley trumpet and flugelhorn
Harvie S bass
Billy Mintz drums