Belogenis, Piket, Mintz

Drawing upon musics from diverse traditions, the trio of Louie Belogenis (saxophones), Roberta Piket (piano), and Billy Mintz (drums) seamlessly weaves ideas together as if performing a sacred ceremony, while at other times reflecting the overwhelming abundance of everyday life. Having played together for almost a decade, they have forged a unique language of their own based on their deep immersion in music and their trust in one another. With no pre-existing structures or ideas, their willingness to listen deeply to each other results in a highly structured interplay that can best be described as improvised chamber music.

“An avant-garde saxophonist with a gift for deep, burnished lyricism, Louie Belogenis performs alongside pianist Roberta Piket and drummer Billy Mintz, frequent collaborators whose performances gracefully obscure the distinction between so-called straight-ahead jazz and more abstract styles.”
-Time Out NY

Louie Belogenis saxophones
Roberta Piket piano
Billy Mintz drums

Belogenis, Piket, Mintz – Live Performance at Korzo Set 1

Belogenis, Piket, Mintz – Live Performance Korzo Set 2

Recorded by Randy Thaler May 20th, 2014 at Korzo, Brooklyn, NY