Right Wing vs. Left Wing: a Note on terminology

Recently, in a piece on the Roberts Supreme Court nomination, I heard an NPR reporter refer to prochoice and antichoice (my words, and a most objective description, surely both sides would have to acknowledge) advocates as “left wing and right wing groups”. I recognize that NPR must be terrified of being attacked against by the fascists in Congress who are not content to control merely the private corporate airwaves, but is it really balanced reporting to refer to those trying to preserve 30 years of case law as “left wing?” Especially when the other side bases their position on their vision of a religious fundamentalist theocracy, how is it possible to justify this “left wing/right wing” paradigm?

It is unfortunate that NPR and the rest of the media cannot or will not be intellectually honest enough to admit that, for all intents and purposes, there is no “left wing” left in America. There is a liberal or progressive wing; there is a moderately liberal (and in the current crisis quite useless) wing; there is a conservative wing (although their voice in the GOP has been shut down because they can’t raise as much cash as the rlght wing); and then there are those whose goal is to destroy the separation of church and state enshrined in the Constitution, an extreme right wing position if ever there was one.

There’s a great bit by Lenny Bruce explaining separation of church and state. Everyone should hear it. I’ll try to find out the name of the bit. I probably cannot post it here due to copyright considerations.

On Politics and Fans

During the time leading up to the Second Stolen Electlon of the 21st Century (I mean the one stolen in Ohio not the one stolen in Florida) I started forwarding some emails on occasion to my gig mailing list. Looking back, I can see how some could consider this an inappropriate use of this list, but I felt that speaking out against a fascist leaning regime embroiling us in a pointless war based on lies, which controls the majority of the airwaves, warranted it. (Pause for air.)

Most people responded positively. A few asked me to refrain from sending political email. A couple, however, became downright vitriolic. One man informed me he was going to burn all my CDs that he owned.

Disturbingly, this is one more example of the ugly fascistic thug mentality that Rove, Rumsfeld, and overgrown fratboy/puppet- president Bush have been advancing. I acknowledge that, technically speaking, the Nazis did not burn CD’s, only books. (For those of us too young to remember, CDs did not yet exist back then.) The idea, however, that by expressing a political opinion I had done something to warrant this sort of sick vitriolic response is disturbing.

More on this later.


Today we rehearsed for the Stone gig on Tuesday. It was nice to play all this music we hadn’t touched since we learned it and recorded it back in March. Some of it is quite challenging, but muscle memory is an amazing thing. I’d better go practice now…!


Thanks to everyone who turned out for the debut performance of the Nabokov Project. It was great to see so many old and new friends show their support. Thanks also to Tom Hamilton, Thomas Buckner and Lotus for having us.

For those of you who enjoyed the second set with Fragments, featuring Scott Hill, Eric km Clark and myself, we’ll be at the Stone this Tuesday.