Roberta’s Recordings

For a complete list of recordings including sidewoman work view Roberta’s discography.

As a leader:
Roberta Piket Solo (Thirteenth Note Records, August 2012)
Roberta Piket Trio Sides, Colors (Thirteenth Note Records, 2011) (feat. Billy Mintz & Johannes Weidenmueller)
Roberta Piket Trio Love and Beauty (Thirteenth Note Records, 2007) (feat. Billy Mintz and Ratzo Harris)
Roberta Piket & Alternating Current I’m Back In Therapy And It’s All Your Fault (Thirteenth Note Records, 2003)
Roberta Piket Trio September of Tears (Meldac, 2002) (feat. Rufus Reid and Billy Hart) (Japan import)
Roberta Piket Trio Midnight In Manhattan (Meldac, 2001) (Japan import)
Roberta Piket Speak, Memory (Fresh Sound , 2000) (“Ten best of 2000″ -JazzIz)
Roberta Piket Trio Live at the Blue Note (Half Note, 1999) (“Five Best of 1999″ -JazzTimes; “****” – downbeat)
Roberta Piket Unbroken Line (Criss Cross, 1997)

Piket-Glod-Tokar-Kugel Op Der Schmelz Live (Nemu Records, 2013) (Roby Glod, saxophones; Mark Tokar, bass; Klaus Kugel, drums)
Five Spot (SoLyd Records, 2009) (Petras Vysniauskas, soprano sax; Y. Yaremchuk, reeds; M. Tokar,
bass; Klaus Kugel, drums)
Fragments (Eric km Clarke, violin; Scott Hill, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax) (Tonehole Music, 2005)
Mark Reboul, Billy Mintz, Roberta Piket Seven Pieces, About an Hour (2005)
Sharp Five Intersect (Consensus, 1999)

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