The Jazz Piano Vocabulary Series

The amount of theoretical knowledge required to become a fluent improvisor on the piano can be overwhelming to the aspiring jazz pianist. Roberta Piket’s Jazz Piano Vocabulary, published by Muse Eek Publishing, is a series of workbooks designed to help jazz piano students learn and apply the jazz modes by mastering each mode and its uses in improvisation. Each Jazz Piano Vocabulary book focuses on a different mode or scale, and features:

• the scale in all twelve keys – two octaves up and down with complete fingerings
• chords and left hand voicings that can be used with the scale
• ideas for applying the material
• transcriptions and/or etudes using the scale
• ideas for further study and listening
• detailed instructions and suggestions on how to practice the material

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Jazz Piano Vocabulary Book 5: The Mixolydian Mode

“(five stars) A concise, comprehensive and imaginative presentation of the basics.This step by step approach is the best way to gradually absorb the overwhelming yet ultimately rewarding world of Jazz.” reader review of Volume 1: The Major Scale

“(five stars) …an excellent introduction to improvisation…. Everything is presented in a methodical and progressive manner…. A must have for any pianist! Any pianist who wants to enter the creative process that is!” reader review of Volume 3: The Phrygian Mode

“(five stars) I think I own about every book for beginning piano on amazon’s website. This is by far the best for learning jazz piano…. I haven’t been able to find this information anywhere…. I highly recommend this book.” reader review of Volume 2: The Dorian Mode