The Sides/Colors Band

One of the freshest releases of the year. At turns pretty (Laurie) and complex (check out the deconstructed gospel dedication to Sam Rivers, My Friends and Neighbors), Roberta is a force to be reckoned with and one to watch.
Mike Stratton, WLNZ, Michigan

The Sides/Colors Band is a large ensemble composed of rhythm section, four winds and from four to twelve strings:

  • string quartet to twelve-piece string section
  • Trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Clarinet, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophones
  • Bass clarinet, clarinet, flute
  • Flute, alto flute

The ensemble plays music featured on Roberta’s CD, Sides, Colors, and newer material as well.

If your venue or festival is looking for a large ensemble that doesn’t sounds like all the others, check out the Sides/Colors Band.