The Nabokov Project

Five Poems by Nabokov premiered in the summer of 2005 at Lotus Music and Dance to an enthusiastic audience. The program was repeated in 2007 as part of the Cornelia Street Cafe’s Schizoid Music series, curated by Frank J. Oteri. The recordings on this page are from that concert.

The music, for piano, violin, mezzo-soprano and speaker, blends neo-classical harmonic concepts with lush melodies and free improvisational sections to stunning effect.

The poems, by the great writer Vladimir Nabokov, were originally written in Russian, and were translated into English by Nabokov himself. They are published in Poems and Problems, which consists of poetry and chess problems. (Nabokov (best known as the author of Lolita) was a chess afficionado as well an extremely accomplished amateur lepidopterologist.)

For more information on bringing the Nabokov Project to your venue or school, please contact Roberta.

For information on how to obtains the score and parts in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format, please contact Roberta.

How I Love You
The Snapshot
The Poem
The Dream

Nicole Pantos – voice, percussion
Eric km Clarke – violin
Jeffrey Fracé – speaker
Roberta Piket – piano